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Sephiroth & New Mii Fighters Now Live In Super Smash Bros. For Everyone
Sephiroth & New Mii Fighters Now Live In Super Smash Bros. For Everyone
After the early release of Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the one-winged angel and new Mii costumes are now fully available for everyone.

Sephiroth, the newest DLC character to be released in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is now available to all, along with the new Mii fighter costumes. Sephiroth is the third character in the second fighter's pass to be released after Steve from Minecraft released in October.

Although Cloud represented Final Fantasy in Super Smash Bros., in some ways his inclusion left some to be desired. The stage he debuted with, Midgar, only contained two music tracks from Final Fantasy 7. That's why it can be seen that Sephiroth is a way to make up for that, as his stage not only has nine new songs to choose from, the character itself was given lots of personalization, including having a special victory screen referencing the iconic shot of Sephiroth standing behind flames. The Mii costumes in this pack are also characters from Final Fantasy 7, as well as Geno from Super Mario RPG.

After an early release of the character for some players, Nintendo has made the full version of Sephiroth available to purchase individually, as well as the new Mii fighter costumes. The DLC spirits also now have their own spirit board, and are also available to purchase from the shop. The new patch also made some changes to Cloud, with his final smash now being Omnislash Ver. 5 for his Advent Children alts, and Cloud's fighter spirit now displaying his artwork from Final Fantasy 7.

One unfortunate downside to the full release of Sephiroth is that the Sephiroth challenge is no longer available for players to take on. From December 17 to December 22, players could fight Sephiroth as a boss character in order to unlock him before his full release. It was a totally unique way to release the character, and players took advantage of the opportunity by speedrunning the challenge as fast as possible. However, the challenge is now gone.

Even though the challenge only lasted for close to a week, the experience stuck with players. Not only was it challenging and fun, it also made the debut of Sephiroth stick out from the rest of the DLC characters, as he is currently the only character to have this type of challenge. It speaks to how Sephiroth steals the stage with his powerful presence, and it's unknown if any other character could replicate that same feeling if they also had challenges dedicated to them. While the fight against Sephiroth is over, he is now available for all in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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