PETER MORICSDec 23rd 2020 11:18:38
COD: Black Ops Cold War Adds Daily Zombies & Multiplayer Challenges
COD: Black Ops Cold War Adds Daily Zombies & Multiplayer Challenges
Treyarch Studios has announced brand new daily challenges for multiplayer and zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in a new update.

Treyarch Studios has announced several updates for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, including daily challenges in multiplayer and the ubiquitous Zombies mode. The newest shooter is celebrating its first content season, which includes integration with Call of Duty: Warzone. The new season features a new operator in the form of Stitch, as well as two brand new weapons for fans to unlock.

As exciting as the new season is for Black Ops Cold War fans, Warzone players have been disappointed by the integration. When the Black Ops Cold War content arrived, double XP tokens earned during the days of Modern Warfare were disabled, relegated exclusively to the older game. Players were understandably distressed about this; after all, some of those tokens had been purchased with real money. Activision reversed this controversial decision shortly, and once again allowed Modern Warfare tokens to be used in Warzone.

But the developers haven't been focusing too hard on Warzone. Today on Twitter, Treyarch Studios announced several changes which are live now in Black Ops Cold War. These include double XP earned while unlocking the new Battle Pass. Face Off modes have been added, and Raid and Nuketown Holiday are now available at all times. Most significantly, Treyarch is introducing daily challenges to the game's multiplayer mode, as well as Zombies. These should give fans of the game's action an excellent excuse to come back time and time again and challenge themselves over and over again.

Activision clearly has big plans for the future of Black Ops Cold War. In addition to these new modes and challenges, leakers have discovered several exciting new Mastercraft weapons that will be coming to the game soon. These special cosmetics will greatly impact the appearance of the firearms they're applied to, and in some cases even go further than that. One of the mastercrafts, for instance, incorporates a functional cassette player that will play music from the Call of Duty franchise while its wielder plays. It's a very amusing addition, and one that's sure to turn a lot of heads.

It's hard to keep an annual series like Call of Duty feeling fresh with every release, but Activision certainly seems proud of the work it's doing with Black Ops Cold War. It's even offering the game for free as part of a sweepstakes with Mountain Dew, alongside the ever-rare PlayStation 5 console. The franchise has always been at the forefront of the live service genre, so it's not surprising to see postlaunch support like this, but these are still a lot of goodies for Black Ops Cold War fans to curl up with over the holidays. Hopefully the game just keeps getting better from here.

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