BRIANNA REEVESDec 23rd 2020 11:11:57
Cyberpunk 2077: GameStop Offering Full Refunds For 'Defective' Game
Cyberpunk 2077: GameStop Offering Full Refunds For 'Defective' Game
A GameStop memo says Cyberpunk 2077 returns will be accepted, even if the game has been opened. Staff must mark refunded games as "defective."

GameStop is joining Sony and Microsoft as yet another retailer willing to accept Cyberpunk 2077 returns, even if the game has been opened, according to reports from employees. Cyberpunk 2077 launched in a sorry state on consoles, particularly with regards to the base PS4 and Xbox One. As a result, CD Projekt RED quickly promised fans refunds - a promise the studio, in many respects, was in no position to make.

Thus, drama and controversy ensued. Within a week of the RPG's arrival, Sony announced it would temporarily expand its refund policy for Cyberpunk 2077 alone. The platform holder additionally made the unprecedented decision to delist the title on PlayStation Store until further notice. Not too long thereafter, Microsoft extended its refund policy, too, before adding a warning about Cyberpunk 2077's poor performance on the Xbox Store. Retailers like Best Buy similarly altered its guidelines for returns, though only for a brief period of time.

Reportedly, Kotaku obtained an internal GameStop memo, which instructs employees to accept returns of Cyberpunk 2077. Refunds will even be given for physical copies that customers previously opened, a move that directly contradicts GameStop's standard return policy. Customers who want to return the RPG must do so within 30 days of purchasing their copy. Upon completing the exchange, staffers must then label the game as "defective," before it's shipped to GameStop's warehouses. VICE's Patrick Klepek corroborated Kotaku's report, claiming that he, too, has seen the memo in question. Since the retailer has yet to publicly share details on the matter, it's unclear as to how long this change in policy will last.

Labelling returned physical copies of the role-playing title as "defective" seems a tad out of left field. After all, performance issues aside, Cyberpunk 2077 still offers a fun experience in terms of content. But it's possible the label counts as little more than a formality, a simple way of documenting the unusual circumstance of GameStop's accepting the return of previously opened games. Again, since the retailer remains mum on the matter, the finer details are publicly known at present.

CD Projekt RED is working to resolve Cyberpunk 2077's myriad issues on both console and PC. Version 1.05 recently went live, and two larger updates are scheduled to roll out in January and February. Even if these efforts usher in a higher quality experience, the studio has still lost much of its cachet. Not to mention, a lawsuit from CDPR investors may generate a whole host of new problems for the developer.

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