J. BRODIE SHIREYDec 21st 2020 10:26:03
Dragon Ball FighterZ Super Baby 2 & Gogeta (SS4) Add More GT Representation
Dragon Ball FighterZ Super Baby 2 & Gogeta (SS4) Add More GT Representation
Dragon Ball FighterZ's newest DLC brings classic GT characters Super Baby 2 and SS4 Gogeta to Arc System Works’ hit anime fighter next month.

A pair of new warriors are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ soon, coming from the most unexpected of sources: the often forgotten and under-appreciated Dragon Ball GT. Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ love letter to Dragon Ball has been praised by anime and fighting game fans alike for featuring blistering action and a wide cast of characters that has only grown since the game first launched back in 2018, quickly becoming one of the bestselling titles in the long and storied Japanese franchise's gaming ventures.

The ongoing wave of DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ began with beloved Dragon Ball movie characters, like Goku’s father Bardock and the monstrous Broly (in both his original and Dragon Ball Super incarnations), and it has since greatly expanded to include the likes of the evil Jiren, the heroic Vida, and the powerful Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta. The most recent addition to the game’s roster was the wise-but-perverted Master Roshi back in September, and it appears things aren’t slowing down anytime soon for one of Arc System Works’ biggest fighting titles to date.         

Earlier today, Bandai Namco released a new Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC trailer on YouTube, revealing the game’s latest additional character: Super Baby 2. It begins with the parasitic Baby taking over Vegeta and transforming into his dreaded Super 2 form, working up to showing off his wide range of attacks before revealing his Ultimate Move: transforming into a massive Great Golden Ape and annihilating the entire arena. The trailer then cuts to a list of previously released fighters in the FighterZ Pass 3 line-up, like Kefla, Basic Instinct Goku, and the aforementioned Master Roshi before revealing another new warrior: Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, whose arrival is heralded by a brief scene of SS4 Goku and Vegeta fusing. Players will be able to play as Super Baby 2 on January 15, 2021, and SS4 Gogeta will come to the game at a yet-to-be-revealed time.

For the uninitiated, both Super Baby 2 and SS4 Gogeta originate from the Dragon Ball GT spin-off anime, which aired in the mid-to-late ‘90s. Set after the events of Dragon Ball Z, GT features series protagonist Goku being de-aged to his child incarnation from the original Dragon Ball series and setting off on a new string of adventures alongside his granddaughter Pan and longtime time-traveling ally Trunks. One of these adventures brings the heroes into conflict with Baby, a wicked parasite bent on ridding the universe of Saiyans with his ability to take over the bodies of other warriors, as shown with Vegeta in the Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC trailer.                                 

Dragon Ball GT isn't held in the highest regard among Dragon Ball fans and was even rendered non-canon with the advent of Dragon Ball Super a few years ago. It's therefore quite a surprise that Bandai Namco and Arc System Works are bringing a few of its most noteworthy characters into Dragon Ball FighterZ. Still, regardless of how fans feel regarding their execution in their home series, Super Baby 2 and SS4 Gogeta have some interesting moves and abilities that could translate to some fun fights, and their inclusion is a testament to just how much the developers are fans of Dragon Ball in all of its various incarnations.

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