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Rocket League Is Selling An NFL Decal Pack For The Next Week
Rocket League Is Selling An NFL Decal Pack For The Next Week
Psyonix announces that an NFL decal pack will be making its way to Rocket League next week, featuring vehicle skins for all 32 teams in the league.

An NFL decal pack is making its way to the popular online vehicular soccer game Rocket League. Although the multiplayer title was released back in 2015, the brand-new Season 2, which released on December 9, has players flocking back to the beloved game. One fan has even gone so far as to merge the worlds of Among Us, the latest big online multiplayer game, and Rocket League by creating a custom map. Rocket League has seen such a resurgence in popularity that the servers crashed for a moment when Season 2 was made free-to-play.

Rocket League is quite the original title, as the developers over at Psyonix combined both racing and soccer to craft an innovative online gaming experience. Players compete in team-based soccer matches from the driver's seats of racing vehicles. Though Rocket League is still an incredibly fresh title to play, it's actually a sequel to a 2008 PlayStation 3 game called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

Psyonix made the announcement on the official Rocket League website earlier today that the NFL Fan Pack will be available from December 17 to December 28. Players can purchase the decal pack in-game for 800 Credits in the game's Item Shop. Released ahead of the NFL's real-life playoffs, Rocket League fans can equip Octane Decals for all 32 NFL teams. The patterns are available to view in a slideshow on the official Rocket League website. Fans can also watch a YouTube video that shows off the NFL Fan Pack in action.

It's fun to see that Psyonix is maintaining the excitement for the recently released Season 2 of Rocket League. Occasionally, anticipation for a game's new season can be overshadowed by what's releasing next in the quickly moving gaming industry. It leads to the question of what else Psyonix has in store for fans. Even after the long-awaited release of Season 2, it seems that the developers have had even more in the works.

Luckily, there are decals for all 32 NFL teams, so no one is left out. This is a strategic way to loop in players, as even casual football fans will likely want to represent their local team. If some teams were left out, then there would probably be some hurt feelings and conjecture as to why those teams were omitted. Nevertheless, if combining soccer and racing wasn't enough, now there's football to be thrown into the mix, too. It looks like the playoffs in Rocket League will make for an entertaining preface to the actual NFL playoffs early next year.

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