CODY PETERSONDec 16th 2020 09:59:56
Fortnite’s The Spy Within LTM Looks Suspiciously Similar To Among Us
Fortnite’s The Spy Within LTM Looks Suspiciously Similar To Among Us
Fortnite is launching a brand new limited time mode for the holidays called The Spy Within that basically has the same premise as Among Us.

Epic Games has just added a new game mode called The Spy Within to Fortnite and it is very obviously inspired by AmongUs.Fortnite has new limited time modes like this added to it every few weeks in order to keep players coming back for more. New modes will be added to the The Spy Within playlist over the next few days.

It's hard to blame Fortnite for taking a page out of Among Us' book, as the smaller indie title has garnered a massive amount of attention over the last few months. Players around the world have used the game as a way to stay connected with their friends or make new ones while practicing social distancing. Not only were players flocking to the game in unprecedented numbers, but earlier this month, it was even revealed that Among Us was the most searched video game on Google. The indie title has hit a major high point and it shows now signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Now, Epic Games has decided to capitalize on this success by adding its own Among Us-style game mode to Fortnite, called The Spy Within. Players will start a The Spy Within game by being told what team they are on, but the roles of the other players is completely hidden. Two players in each game will be on the Spy team and must eliminate all other players in the game without getting caught. Just like in Among Us, the rest of the players must complete objectives throughout the map, but are unable to speak to each other unless they are attempting to vote Spies out.

While Fortnite has pretty obviously lifted this idea straight from Among Us, this isn't the first time that someone has accused the popular battle royale game of taking their ideas. Many felt that Fortnite's inclusion of a ping system was just lifting an idea that was made popular by Apex Legends, and still others have stated that Fortnite has taken ideas from other popular titles. Even PUBG's developer was angry at first that Fortnite had taken its battle royale idea.

Fortnite is definitely no stranger to basing game ideas and concepts off of those from other developers, but typically this is done against other heavy hitters in the industry. Many may not feel its right for Fortnite to take an idea from a relatively small indie team, but it remains to be seen how Among Us fans will react to this.

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