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Nintendo Switch Online Update Completes SNES Donkey Kong Country Trilogy
Nintendo Switch Online Update Completes SNES Donkey Kong Country Trilogy
Nintendo Switch Online's latest batch of classic games features Donkey Kong Country 3, completing the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on Switch Online.

Nintendo has unveiled its lineup for this December's Nintendo Switch Online classic games, which feature Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble. This completes the release of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, after the first installment released on Nintendo Switch Online in July.

Nintendo Switch Online is the primary replacement for Nintendo’s virtual console. While it has seen the rerelease of games like Star Fox 2, this system has been criticized for slowly dripfeeding games compared to the Virtual Console system on the Wii and Wii U. Nintendo Switch Online is still currently releasing SNES and NES games, but fans crave for titles from later systems like the Nintendo 64. Many also still wish to see Gamecube games be ported over to the system. The recent release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars does include three of the most iconic games on their respective systems, but there are still many classic games that fans are eager to play on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has revealed that December’s Switch Online games feature a variety of titles this time around, including the aforementioned Donkey Kong Country 3. The other SNES games released include The Ignition Factor, SUPER VALIS IV, and Tuff E Nuff. A single NES game is also included in this lineup, that being Nightshade Part 1: The Claws of Sutekh.

Despite the completion of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, there are still some big SNES games that have yet to be rereleased. This includes classics such as Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG. Though Square Enix is known for being stingy with its properties, Super Mario RPG was included with the release of the SNES classic, so it’s not out of the question that the game could see a rerelease on Switch Online.

It’s not likely that this modern version of the Virtual Console will be changed in the near future, for better or worse. There are both pros and cons: while games are slowly dripfed over many years, it is nice being able to access a library full of them for the price of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. There is also the argument of whether players actually own their games if they’re only able to access them via a subscription service, which is something that has risen in recent times with systems like Google Stadia. But being able to play all three installments of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy on Nintendo Switches is something worth celebrating for fans of those classic games.

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