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Fortnite Performance Mode Will Boost Frame Rates Even Higher On PC
Fortnite Performance Mode Will Boost Frame Rates Even Higher On PC
Epic Games launches a new performance mode that will increase frame rates in Fortnite and reduce CPU/GPU load by reducing graphics quality.

Epic is launching a performance mode in Fortnite to boost the game’s frame rates on older PCs. This might come especially useful as Fortnite’s Season 5 is attracting new players to join the battle with numerous crossover characters from established franchises.

The latest Fornite announcements at The Game Awards 2020 included a few new bounty hunters for Fortnite’s Season 5. The hottest addition was, obviously, Halo's Master Chief himself. He was accompanied by popular streamer Ninja turned into a video game character and a duo of zombie hunters from The Walking Dead franchise. Both Daryl Dixon and Michonne were harvested by Agent Jones to fight for Battle Island in Fortnite. Even more upcoming crossovers are hinted at by developers, while fans are theorizing about possible future additions to the roster of popular characters.

To help the gaming community enjoy Fortnite’s Season 5 content equally regardless of how powerful their gaming PC rigs are, Epic Games is introducing a technical solution in the form of a new rendering mode on December 15. The game's new Performance mode is said to sacrifice the graphics quality in favor of higher frame rate counts and overall stability. Basically, the mode lowers RAM usage and reduces the load on GPU and CPU at a cost of enabling simpler visuals. This should greatly benefit those players who have less powerful PCs with outdated hardware. As a matter of fact, owners of such older machines will start getting in-game notifications suggesting that they turn the Performance mode on as a default way of rendering Fortnite once the update comes out. According to a couple of comparisons provided by Epic, performance mode can double frame rates on some specific older laptops.

While various pop culture icons and gaming characters are invading Fortnite in Season 5, the previous Season was completely dedicated to Marvel. Although this massive crossover is seemingly gone for good, there could be some sort of a comeback. According to a recent official tease, Fortnite players might expect Marvel characters to return. At the beginning of December, Marvel Entertainment posted a special thank you card on Twitter acknowledging that Season 4 was epic and promising to see everyone again soon. Presumably, in Fortnite, considering the context.

As an immensely popular video game, Fortnite is being played by millions of fans on a variety of platforms. PC remains one of the key gaming machines to launch the game, and offering an option to boost the game’s performance on older rigs and laptops is a highly valuable step by Epic. It actually demonstrates that the company cares about its audience and knows how to treat players right.

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