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Fortnite Concert Reportedly Earned Travis Scott $20 Million
Fortnite Concert Reportedly Earned Travis Scott $20 Million
Travis Scott's collaboration with Fortnite to perform on the digital stage grossed Scott up to $20 million, despite being free to attend.

Travis Scott reportedly made $20 million from his ground-breaking concert in Fortnite earlier this year. During the event, players could come to watch Scott perform live through a massive hologram. There was still merchandise available, but the concert being free and online made it far more accessible. The concert was a huge hit, gathering up to 12.3 million players at the same time.

Lately, Travis Scott has been partnering up with different companies to help advertise their products. About a month ago, he agreed to work with Sony in promoting the PlayStation 5. It was a relatively short advertisement, and definitely nothing to the scale of his performance on Fortnite. He also collaborated with McDonald's to promote a "Travis Scott Meal." It is uncertain if Travis Scott will partner up with many companies in the future, but it is pretty likely seeing the success of these promotions.

Forbes recently discussed Travis Scott's success in promoting these companies, stating that Scott made up to "roughly $20 million for it including merchandise sales," just from his Fortnite performance. These partnerships are not only beneficial to one side, though, as the event clearly brought a lot of attention to the game as well, and proved its viability as an online event space. Travis Scott and Fortnite pushed to make a concert that brought a unique performance to people around the world, now with other games trying to follow in its footsteps.

Roblox recently collaborated with Lil Nas X to do something similar, taking inspiration from Travis Scott's performance. Roblox managed to gather 33 million players to come to watch Lil Nas X live, in comparison to Fortnite's 12.3 million players. Forbes does mention this route video game companies are taking, trying to push for a wider demographic by setting up these concerts. This also adds the benefit of getting people to download the game, even if they aren't interested in it originally.

Companies in the future are likely to make more partnerships like this. As mentioned earlier, Travis Scott took part in one of the PlayStation 5's advertisements. They take it one step further by stating it is also likely Scott will design a custom PS5 that people can purchase. It seems like the future of advertising is creators of all kinds coming together to spread their work to everyone, as it seems that events like Fortnite's concert are far more effective and interactive than a short 15-second ad.

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