Joe HindyNov 19th 2020 17:24:59
5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week
5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week
Android Apps Weekly

Google accidentally published an app in the US and then immediately took it down. The app is originally for folks in Kenya. It helps them get Android devices on loan and then gives creditors the ability to shut the phone down if the payments stop. Google partnered with companies in the country for the program and it looks rather shady without context. 
Spotify is considering a podcast-only subscription tier. The company spent a boatload of money on podcast talent over the last year and wants to earn a few bucks from podcasts specifically. Spotify is asking users if they would want something like that. If their results are anything like ours, this won’t see the light of day. Most of our readers hate the idea and we don’t blame them. You can get most podcasts for free with most podcast catchers.
YouTube Premium subscribers can get some free Google Stadia swag this week. Google is offering up a free controller and Chromecast to subscribers. It’s a nice move from Google to promote the service and get some Stadia controllers out there. You also get a free month of Stadia with the offer. 
PUBG Mobile is returning to India. The new version of the game is specifically for the country and has some changes from the vanilla version. For instance, all characters start clothed and the blood is removed for green hit effects instead. PUBG Corporation also vowed to donate $100 million to India to cultivate esports, the local video game industry, and other stuff as well. You can hit the link to learn more.
Google Photos is closing its free doors next summer. The company announced that it simply can’t keep up with demand anymore and people have to pay for the storage they use after June 1, 2021. Any photos uploaded to the service until then are still free and photos existing on the service before then remain free. Afterward, Google Photos uses your 15GB of free Google Drive data and then you have to pay for a Google One plan to expand your own storage. Current Google Pixel devices get to keep the free uploads, but future Pixel devices won’t. On a related note, here are the best microSD cards available right now.