Zscaler Client Connector
Zscaler Client Connector
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Install Zscaler Client Connector to the mobile phone
Zscaler Client Connector
Description of Zscaler Client Connector

                     The Zscaler Client Connector for Android includes both Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler Private Access modules.

Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Mobility has raised business productivity, but it’s brought its share of issues, as well. One of the biggest challenges is the need to provide complete, consistent security across devices that you may not own. The majority of web traffic from mobile devices comes from apps, not from standard browsers, so threats may not even be visible to traditional security appliances.

Note: Zscaler Client Connector is used with an active enterprise subscription to Zscaler's Mobile Security service. Please follow instructions from your IT organization to use this app.

Zscaler Client Connector automatically creates a lightweight HTTP tunnel that connects the user’s endpoint to Zscaler’s cloud security platform with no need for PAC files or authentication cookies. The Zscaler Cloud Service delivers one-step enrollment, with multifactor authentication support via SAML.