Mockos - Mockup Clothes Design Editor

Mockos - Mockup Clothes Design Editor

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Description of Mockos - Mockup Clothes Design Editor
Mockos allows you to create a design for the t-shirt easily. You can create beautiful texts you can put on your t-shirt. Or, if you want to use images, you also can do that easily. With so many features, plus the t-shirt base image in this application, you can easily find out how the result will be in the end. And, you can do all of those complicated processes from your mobile device. This app is the simplest and easiest way to create the best t-shirt design.

If you don’t have an interesting image to use for the t-shirt design, you don’t need to worry. Mockos also has a collection of unique and beautiful stickers you can use. Choose any sticker that you like and paste it on the design. Now, you have a beautiful design ready to apply on your t-shirt.

In short, Everything can be done easily like what professionals do.

- Support Zoom
- Add your favorite images to the design,
- Hoddie Template Design
- Tanktop Template Design
- Kids T-Shirt Template Design
- Baby Clothes
- 300+ of unique stickers,
- 10+ of amazing font styles,
- Save the design in your Smartphone,
- Share your design on social media

Best for
- Mockup Clothes Design
- Idea for making clothes fans club likes football club, kpop fans, kids clothes, couple
- E-sport games community Tshirt
- Company Tshirt Design
And many more.

Any suggestions or bugs?
Contact to [email protected] if you want to share anything.

Thanks for using this app, Lets go fight to virus! Keep Healthy!
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