Waifinder - Anime Waifu Finder

Waifinder - Anime Waifu Finder

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Description of Waifinder - Anime Waifu Finder
Waifinder - Anime Waifu / Husbando Finder : Rules are simple:  if you liked the character -  tap on the green Like button; if you really loved the character, tap on the blue Star button; If you did not like the character, tap on the red Cross button.

Waifinder tries to replicate the experience of a social network to meet people through the Internet.

There are three options for logging in:
-Sign in in anonymous mode, which means you will only be able to use the app on your smartphone during the current installation. When you uninstall the app or log out, all your matches, preferences and conversations will be deleted.
-Sign up through a quick and easy process by entering your most basic information. This way, you will be able to save all your messages, preferences and matches.
-Register using your Google account, which allows you a quick registration without giving your information.

Once logged in, you will be able to start making matches with the characters of your choice. If you have doubts about the character you are seeing, you can click on his or her image and you will get a detailed view of who he or she is. Whenever you want, you can see the matches you have in the view on the right, where you can see your likes and superlikes. If you keep your finger pressed, you can delete the match, if you press just once you can see the detailed information and if you press on the conversation icon you can start chatting. Please remember that the chat emulates a real conversation with another person: It can take hours to respond, not respond, respond disinterestedly, respond happily etc.

On the other hand, in the left view you can change your account settings. Registered users will be able to change their personal information, and all users will be able to set their preferences about their favorite series. You will be able to search by anime and manga to see only the characters you want. Currently, the game has more than 98,000 characters from the best anime, manga and comics.

You see, really simple.

In case you have any ideas or suggestions, we will be glad to hear them.
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