Weather Forecast App, Radar, Widget and Alerts
Weather Forecast App, Radar, Widget and Alerts
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Install Weather Forecast App, Radar, Widget and Alerts to the mobile phone
Weather Forecast App, Radar, Widget and Alerts
Description of Weather Forecast App, Radar, Widget and Alerts
Install this weather forecast app for Android and changing weather conditions will never take you by surprise. This Android weather app has a convenient and intuitive interface, the all weather forecast information shown on one screen, weather changes are displayed in animated graphs, which allows you to grasp the weather trend at a glance.
In case of extreme weather conditions, the app will notify you, so you will never forget to take an umbrella or to dress warmer.
The app has several weather widgets that show weather forecast (5 days forecast, 5 hours forecast, current weather conditions) right from home screen so you don't even have to launch the app in order to have the accurate weather forecast.
The app has weather radar which allows you to assess global weather trends in your and neighboring regions: the movement of atmospheric fronts and air masses, changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure, and much more.
The weather forecast app can automatically track your location, updating it if necessary. Therefore, if you often move, this option will be extremely useful to you since there is no need to manually set the location and switch to another location if it changes in order to get an actual and accurate weather forecast

The App's Key Features:
‒ current weather conditions
‒ hourly weather forecast for the day ahead
‒ week weather forecast
‒ automatic detection and tracking of the current location
‒ manual enter of location
‒ unlimited locations
‒ alerts of extreme weather conditions
‒ notification of current weather conditions in the status bar
‒ interactive weather widgets - clock and weather forecast
‒ weather radar
‒ dark and light themes
‒ option to change measure units
‒ informative and convenient user interface

The App's Weather Alerts:
‒ sudden change in temperature
‒ precipitation (rain, snow, and sleet)
‒ limited visibility
‒ high UV index
‒ strong wind

Weather Parameters displayed by the App:
‒ temperature
‒ real feel temperature
‒ wind
‒ gusts of wind
‒ UV index
‒ relative humidity
‒ atmosphere pressure
‒ precipitation
‒ air quality and pollution level

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