Running Ball
Running Ball
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Running Ball
Description of Running Ball
⚡Run, roll the ball! The best fun and creative ball game!
⚡RUNNING BALL is the racing game with a long history in the Ball Kingdom.
⚡Let’s roll the ball to keep moving and challenge the champion.
⚡Win the first to collect the coins and unlock balls of different skins.

😃How to play?
Tap the ‘match’ button and chose the starting point. Ready to run, run, run!
Players need to roll hard on various terrains and overcome various obstacles to keep moving. Easy to learn, easy to control, but difficult to win the first!
The complex and winding track, and full of various unknown levels, of course, the items that can be picked up randomly also make the game full of "Surprise".

✨Game features: ✨
* Very very easy to control;
* Rich scene and terrain, organs
* Various trigger props to increase the fun
* Small balls of various designs for collection
* Relaxed, stress reliever, and enjoy full of racing fun
* The process of watching the game is full of exciting and tense

😃Are you ready the RUN?
💪Let's roll the ball and feel the beat in this Running Ball Game!

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