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Dream car GO
Description of Dream car GO
Dream car GO is a taxi ordering service with which you can order a taxi in more than 100 cities of Russia. When ordering through the Dream car GO app, you automatically receive a discount of up to 25% *. Ordering a taxi takes no more than a minute: just indicate where to pick you up and where to go - the cost of the order is known in advance and will not change during the trip. Even during high-demand hours, taxi drivers carry at a reasonable price.

The advantages of ordering a taxi through the Dream car GO app:
Always a fixed cost of the order from carrier tariffs
The price is known in advance and does not change the course of the trip, regardless of the traffic situation and traffic jams. The fixed price of a trip is relevant for all cities.

Order several taxis at the same time.
In the order, you can specify a different phone number for communication if you call a taxi to friends or relatives.

Choose the address that suits you.
It is easy to indicate the desired point on the map or enter it from the keyboard.

The taxi driver knows where to drive up.
When ordering a taxi, you can indicate the entrance or the place where the taxi driver should drive up. < br />
Ability to drive to several addresses
In the application, you can specify up to eight intermediate points of the route.

Be aware of the taxi driver's movements
The map shows the movement of the car towards you .

Convenient communication with the taxi driver
If necessary, you can always call the taxi driver or write to the chat, while your number will not be revealed to him.

Rate the quality of service < br /> After the end of the trip, you can rate the quality and leave a comment. This helps us to improve the quality of service and work with reliable carriers.

Add addresses where you often travel to your favorites.
This makes ordering a taxi even faster and more convenient.

For the user of the Dream car GO mobile application, exclusively free information services are provided.
The discount is provided from the carriers 'tariffs.
The cost of the trip is calculated according to the carriers' tariffs.
The service of payment for the carrier's services with a bank card is provided by skassa.ru (LLC Processing agency ").
" Dream car GO. Trip order service "—Transportation and other services are provided by carriers.