Baby Sleep 2018
Baby Sleep 2018
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Baby Sleep 2018
Description of Baby Sleep 2018

                     For the period of 9 months while baby is in the womb it gets used to the sounds of it. Babies love "white noise", because it reminds them of the period of absolute peace and safety. Thanks to our app you will be able to put your baby (and yourself) to sleep much faster.

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Why would you use our Baby sleep app?

Sounds will calm your baby, make it cry less, fall to sleep faster and will have better quality sleep and reduce the stress, which is scientifically proven.

The maker of this application found an inspiration on his own life, testing these sounds on his own children and children of his friends.

Sleep Baby Application has shown some great results.

* works in airplain mode

* Baby sleep app support old Android

* battery efficient - This app consume almost zero energy.

* Upgrade to full version to remove ads new songs.

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