Eurobank Serbia m-B @ nking
Eurobank Serbia m-B @ nking
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Eurobank Serbia m-B @ nking
Description of Eurobank Serbia m-B @ nking
Dear users,

To get acquainted with the possibilities of Eurobank Mobile Banking, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel and watch the video instructions:
YouTube channel
You can choose to log in, pay, view transactions, send confirmation of the executed order to the e-mail address, perform and send a contact phone help is needed with the application itself and the transfer of funds.

Eurobank Serbia presents the mB @ nking application, which allows you to, completely securely, perform all types of transactions via your mobile phone.

Through the Eurobank mB @ nking application, you can easily and securely:

• perform all types of transactions in domestic payment operations,
• check the balance and transactions on all current accounts,
• you have insight into the details of loans and credit cards that you have in the Bank,
• pay the loan installment, credit cards
• perform exchange operations,
• see updated exchange rates,
• check the expiration date of the allowed overdraft on the current account,
• search the map of Eurobank ATMs and branches,
• use a loan calculator for different types of loans,

Activation of the service is free.

You can submit a request to use the mB @ nking application in any Eurobank branch, throughout Serbia. It is enough that you have opened one of the current account packages offered by Eurobank (EuroPlata, Euro Plata Premium, Euro Plata Gold, Package Exclusive or Golden Years).
While contracting the service in the Bank's branch, you will receive a welcome SMS. After that, you need to download the application "Eurobank Serbia m-B @ nking" from the Play Store, and then enter the password for access from the envelope that you downloaded in the branch. After successfully accessing the application, it is necessary to create your own password that you will use for each subsequent login to the application.
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You can find out more about Mobile Banking options by visiting video tutorials on our YouTube channel:
YouTube channel
Find out how to login, pay, view transactions, receive payment conformation or statemens on your email, or scedule call back with our Contact center by using CONTACT ME option about any topic you want to discuss.

Eurobank Serbia presents mB @ nking application that allows you to perform all banking transactions using your mobile phone, in a completely safe manner.

Eurobank mB @ nking application will enable you to do the following in an easy and safe manner:

• perform all domestic payment transactions,
• check the balances and transactions for all accounts, loan s and credit cards that you have in the bank,
• pay your loan or credit card installment
• sell or buy currencies,
• see up-to-date exchange rates,
> • check the overdraft expiration date,
• search the map of Eurobank ATMs and branches,
• use loan calculator for different types of loans.

Service activation is free of charge .

The request to use the mB @ nking application can be submitted in any Eurobank branch throughout Serbia. The only requirement is to have a Eurobank current account package opened (EuroPlata, Euro Plata premium, Euro Plata Gold, Exclusive Package or the Golden Age package).
After submitting the request in any of the Bank's branches, you will receive a greeting SMS. Next step is to download and install the application "Eurobank Serbia m-B @ nking" from the Play Store, and then enter the previously received password "Access Password". Upon successful activation of the service, it is essential that you create your own password for future usage of this service.