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Description of Azimuth

Geographical azimuth finder, GSM/Satellite antenna pointer.

The application is primarily designed to allow Telecom technicians auditing and aligning GSM antennas on specific geographic azimuths. It can also be used for pointing satellite antennas, provided that you know the azimuth of your satellite.

- Place the starting point (A-point) at your site location by (long-press drag'n drop) or by (short-press input coordinates)

- Chose "Add direction" from the menu will draw a line towards 62° by default. Long-press drag'n drop on the remote end to change the direction, or short-press and input azimuth.

- By identifying reference points on the terrain, the Google Maps direction helps you identifying the azimuth that your antenna points to, or pointing your antenna towards a given azimuth (ideally by using a cell aligner).

Long-clicking anywhere on the map opens Street View in the bottom part of the screen.

Long clicking on Street View hides Street View.

Azimuth Pro features (you get 14 days trial when you install the App):

- access to our online tool at

- unlimited directions

- no advertising

- save maps on our cloud and access them from the App or online, at

- share your map with anyone, who doesn't necessarily need to have an IMK Azimuth account

Azimuth Free limitations:

- no access to our online tool at

- only one direction

- advertising

- no saving, sharing, managing maps features

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    League of Legends: Wild Rift

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