Vehicle Control Italy With License Plate

Vehicle Control Italy With License Plate

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Description of Vehicle Control Italy With License Plate
✓ Environmental Class and CO2 Verification
Verifies the environmental class of belonging (Euro category) of cars, motorcycles and mopeds, with the relative CO2 emission data. Once the vehicle type has been selected, simply enter the license plate number.

✓ Public Utility Service, to search for stolen or lost vehicles.
will tell you if your vehicle is stolen or lost, simply by entering the license plate number

✓ Check Insurance Coverage RCA - Check insurance: check insurance coverage from the license plate number

In this section you can consult the numbers registration plates of motor vehicles and trailers registered in Italy that do not comply with the RCA insurance obligations. You can search for your vehicle by writing the registration number in the appropriate input field. The information is updated in real time by the insurance companies. If you know you have a regular third party liability insurance contract in place and you have verified that your vehicle is not insured, we recommend that you contact your insurance company immediately. If you intend to use your vehicle and are not in compliance with the insurance obligations, we invite you to do so promptly. We remind you that, pursuant to article 193 of the highway code, it is forbidden to drive on the road without RCA insurance coverage and that there is a penalty of payment of a sum from € 841 to € 3,366, in addition to the seizure of the vehicle. />
Check for free the coverage of the RCA insurance policy, check annual and temporary insurance, for all motor vehicles, cars, motorcycles and trailers registered in Italy.

✓ Check validity and expiry of the revision
Check the date, result, and Km detected of the last revision from the plate number
It is noted that the number of total kilometers traveled by the vehicle, shown in the 'km detected by the operator' column, it is a data that is manually detected by the on-board instrumentation by the operator who carries out the vehicle inspection. Since from 1 June 2018, in the event of a positive outcome of the checks, this data is also reported on the audit certificate, it is the user's sole responsibility to check the data entered as soon as the aforementioned certificate is received and, in the event of an error, request the 'immediate correction to the operator who carried out the revision.

It follows that once the revision process has been completed and the archives have been updated, the DMV will not be able to make any changes to the data nor, let alone, accept requests in this sense, even if supported by certificates signed by the structure where the audit was carried out. In this way, the historical succession of the revision data (which will be made available only to registered users and for operations carried out after 1 June 2018), including the total mileage, will be verified by the users themselves and, therefore, more reliable to for the purpose of knowledge about the condition of the vehicle and its total mileage.

The first inspection must be carried out 4 years after the first registration. Subsequent reviews must be carried out every two years. These deadlines apply to cars, motor homes, motor vehicles for mixed transport, vehicles used for the transport of things or for special use and with a total mass not exceeding 3,500 kg. Since 2003 these deadlines also apply to motor vehicles and mopeds.
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