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Description of KSW
A perfect app for MMA fans – the entire KSW world in one place. The KSW app is the only authorized tool to watch all the KSW events live on your phone. You can change the quality of the broadcast or switch the commentary language. The app allows you to rewind the event when it’s happening LIVE. You also have extra 72 hours to rewatch the show after it ends. Through the app, you can buy tickets for the events, sign up for KSW camps, order from the newest collections at KSW Shop, check the event schedule, fightcards and locations of the upcoming KSW shows. Always have the newest information about the Federation, sign up for trainings and check the KSW Fan Zone locations. Pick and order clothes and equipment from the KSW Shop collections. Watch the trailers, backstage materials, events from the archive, the best actions, the most spectacular knockouts and incredible submissions. Download the KSW app.