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Description of FishingPartner
Enjoy the cheerful fishing play with First-Person HUD angle style in the palm of your hand!

Enjoy the real fishing with Full 3D

Combo system that offers ultra-strong hand taste with rhythmic tension control

A predatory radar system that can vividly feel the pressure of the food chain

Partner support and multiple skills that are open according to the degree of affection

Mature partners who support lovely support and play supporters
competition with global fishers

Global fishing tournament, The Master Cup event
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  • V5.3.0 2020.01.20
    Cookie Run: Kingdom Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG
    - Fix problems and optimize user ex perience - Fix problems and optimize user ex

    In the Light

    - Fix problems and optimize userexperi ence userexperience - Fix problems and optimize userexperi ence

    League of Legends: Wild Rift

    Update Version: V5.30.25

    Last Update: 2020.02.03

    System version requirements: Android 5.0

    File size: 1.9GB


    1.Welcome to Wild Rift!