More than 26,000 accommodations and reviews, more than 140,000 " > More than 26,000 accommodations and reviews, more than 140,000 " >

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This is the official app of "Jalan net", one of the largest inn and hotel reservation sites in Japan provided by Recruit. With more than 26,000 accommodations and reviews, more than 140,000 tourist spots and travel information nationwide, about 30,000 events and 7.7 million reviews, you can search for accommodations and compare and search for hotels that suit your taste. [What is Jalan net] "Jalan net" is an accommodation reservation site provided by Recruit. You can book more than 20,000 accommodations. Jalan net is full of domestic travel information such as 100,000 tourist spots nationwide and reviews of people who have traveled or went out. Please use it when you go out, stay, or go on a business trip. [What is Jalan net tourist guide] "Jalan net tourist guide" is in the accommodation reservation site "Jalan net" provided by Recruit, This service contains information on sightseeing and gourmet spots and events. About more than 100,000 spot events nationwide, basic information such as access information and posts from everyone who used it, Photos and word-of-mouth information are posted. [Jalan app that can be used at such times] ・ Easily search for accommodations and accommodation plans and make reservations at your destination or travel destination! ・ "Special feature search" that allows you to search for accommodations from seasonal recommended special features! ・ "Tonight's inn" that is safe even if you are on a sudden business trip or miss the last train! ・ "Accommodation name search" that allows you to search by inn name in one shot! ・ "Hot spring search" that allows you to search for hot spring inns nationwide! ・ "Condition search" that allows you to search for accommodations and hotels by travel destination area and budget! -Clip / email forwarding that is convenient when you "do not have time but want to see it later"! ・ The decisive factor when in doubt! Check reviews in "Review List" ・ Search frequently used accommodation conditions and narrowing conditions from the condition history in one shot! ・ Check the details from the history of the accommodations you saw recently! ・ There are plenty of special features such as inns with private baths that can be mixed bathing, and inns that cost less than 5,000 yen per night! ・ "Play / Experience" where you can search for leisure activities at your travel destination! ・ "Overseas hotel search" that you can easily find even on your first overseas trip! ・ Full of reviews such as tourist guides and gourmet information! ・ You can search for trips by purpose, such as inns with open-air baths! ・ Abundant tourist information around the area! Travel reservations from leisure and tourist information! ・ There are many three consecutive holidays in autumn! Book your trip right away! [Introduction of Jalan app functions] ■ Accommodation search / accommodation reservation function ○ Search by date and destination You can specify the destination, accommodation date, number of nights, number of adults / children, number of rooms, meal conditions, budget for one night, type selection (hotels, business hotels, hot spring inns, etc.) In the discerning search, you can narrow down to the designation of rooms with open-air baths, check-in time, non-smoking rooms, and compare hotels, so you can compare hotels. You will surely find the perfect accommodation plan for you. ○ Search for accommodation tonight The "Tonight's Inn" search function is convenient when you miss the last train or when you are on a sudden business trip. You can make reservations up to 29:00, and you can search from around your current location while looking at the map. You can quickly search for accommodations and make reservations for the nearest hotel or inn. We also support business hotel reservations. ○ Search by keyword Simply enter the name of the place or facility you are interested in, such as "Hakone Onsen," "Disneyland," or "Nagoya Dome," and information on nearby inns will be displayed. Let's search for travel according to the travel destination. ○ Jalan Pack (air ticket + accommodation hotel / ryokan plan) Jalan Pack offers a wide range of great travel plans. Arranging airline tickets and booking accommodations at hotels and inns is difficult when traveling individually, but Jalan Pack is convenient in such cases. Depending on your flight ticket, accommodation, and travel plan, we can arrange a rental car, so you can easily enjoy your domestic trip. ■ In addition, how to find a domestic inn (hotel / hot spring inn) ○ Search from special features From advantageous benefits, discount plans, coupon distribution and point gifts We have a lot of local gourmet foods and special features tailored to the seasons and scenes. ・ Private bath plan that allows mixed bathing ・ Room plan with open-air bath ・ Family dining room plan ・ Meal plans for children and infants ・ Suite half price plan ・ A plan for a hot spring inn with half board for 10,000 yen or less ・ Plan for 10,000 yen or less for 2 people ○ Search by hot spring ranking You can search for inns (hotels and hot spring inns) from popular hot spring areas nationwide. Introducing the popularity ranking of each region and the ranking of hot spring resorts nationwide in the TOP15. You can search for crispy and hot spring inns from your favorite hot spring areas. ○ Search from the vacancy calendar You can check the list of accommodations with vacancies just by specifying the area and date. Easily search for hotels where you can stay because you can see the vacancies! ○ Search from map search You can check the accommodations around your current location on the map. ○ Find a day trip / day use The "day trip / day use" search is convenient for day trips and sudden business trips. Simply specify simple items such as destination, number of guests, and date of use, and we will introduce you to a great day trip plan. You can use the hotel or inn at a reasonable price, such as a short break when traveling or a business meeting. ■ Overseas hotel search / hotel reservation Easily search for hotels and hotel reservations on overseas trips with the Jalan app. You can search and reserve hotels in South Korea and Guam, which are popular travel destinations, as well as overseas hotels in the United States and Europe. You can also compare accommodation plans and hotels, so you can easily select a hotel at a great price even when traveling abroad. ■ Transportation (rental car, highway bus, night bus) ○ Rent-a-car You can search for the nearest rental car from the station / airport where the prefecture / Shinkansen stops. You can also specify the return location of the rental car, so you can choose the rental car that suits your travel plan. ○ Highway bus (night bus / midnight bus) Highway buses (night buses and late-night buses) with abundant cheap plans. Many people use it for sightseeing and returning home, and there are various types of handling plans. With the Jalan app, you can compare multiple rate plans by simply entering items such as departure date and budget. ■ Leisure activities ● Play / Experience You can book leisure activities such as fruit / vegetable hunting, water sports / marine sports, outdoor activities, crafts / crafts, etc. at any time. It is a service that allows you to search for plans that will make going out with family and friends and dating with your lover a fun memory. You can narrow down and select by area or genre from many facilities and plans according to the situation. You can use the points you have earned from your accommodation or rental car, so you can enjoy leisure activities at a great deal. [You can search the route to the reserved inn] The app is a great success on the day of your trip. You can search for routes from your current location to your accommodation, so you don't have to worry about getting lost while traveling. [Easy to check reservation details] The app is convenient even after making a travel reservation. Confirmation of reservation details is quick and easy, so there is no need to confirm with a browser or print a reservation confirmation email. [About spot details and event details] On the tourist spots, tourist information, and event details screens, there are links to the homepage of each tourist destination or the external site of the information provider. From the link, you will be taken to each external site. [About access authority] ・ Current location (GPS / network base station) Get the latitude and longitude of your current location by map search or route search. ・ Network communication Internet communication is used to search for accommodations, confirm reservations, and search for tourist destination information. ・ Reading calendar appointments On the calendar registration screen for reservation confirmation and tourist spot / event details, the calendar list in the terminal is displayed as a selection list for the registration destination calendar. ・ Addition of calendar events Register to the terminal calendar on the reservation confirmation and the calendar registration screen of sightseeing spots / event details. -Reading the status and ID of the terminal Access logs and error logs are acquired to improve convenience and create statistical data. * Access logs will not be disclosed to third parties unless legally required. 【please note】 ・ Those who cannot log in In your browser settings, turn on "JavaScript enabled" and "Cookie permission" and try again. * Thank you for providing the information. -Implemented a function that can send location information of inns, hotels, and sightseeing spots to a specific car navigation system (in cooperation with Denso's Navicon).

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