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Karate Training

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Description of Karate Training
Karate Training will help you to learn Karate for free. We have selected the best video tutorials to learn and improve your martial arts technique.

You will find any kata that you are looking for any belt and difficulty. Listing and demonstrating Karate martial art system: punches, kicks, blocks, forms (kata), sparring (kumite), competition, ...
Karate WKF students use this app for looking up, reviewing Karate techniques. Get ready for the next competition of WKF (World Karate Federation).

Karate is an ancient martial art built around self defence that originates from Japan and China. It has become extremely popular worldwide, and has many variations. Understanding and practising basic Karate can be achieved by learning the terms and techniques employed in this martial art. Karate WKF is not the same thing than kick boxing training or kung fu, but many exercises will also work with your martial art style.

Seiyunchin, Seisan, Naihanchi, Jion, Shisochin, Seipai, Sanseiryu, Rohai, Kusanku, Chinto, Bassai, Saifa, Sanchin, Tensho, Heian or Pinan, Kusanku, Wansu are some of the katas in Karate.
There are many high quality videos that really detailed how to do the kata. Different videos adapted to different karate belts and levels. There are also many karate training videos that will help you with the workout exercises of this martial art. In this app you will also find some martial arts video tutorials and kick boxing techniques, but mainly you will find karate training tutorials step by step to get the perfect technique.

The app streams videos that shows Karate techniques and other Karate training videos. To watch and practice or train in Goju Ryu, Shorin Ryu, Uechi Ryu, Shito Ryu, Shotokan, Kyokushinkai, Isshinryu, Wado Ryu, Goju Kai or any other style of this martial art that originated from the islands of Okinawa, this app will be a great source. The Karate tutorial video streaming app is created with the idea to help all lovers of this martial art out there with a single location to watch videos of Karate teaching of Karate drills, Karate kata, bunkai in Kata and training routines, workout and exercise like Hojo Undo and Junbi Undo.
We hope you enjoy the app and rate it positively.
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