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Install IcecreamFever to the mobile phone
Description of IcecreamFever
-What if ice cream falls from the sky?
Icecream Fever is a dream-like experience!

[Easy operation with one fingertip]
Let's stack ice cream at a good tempo with a simple operation of dragging the cone with your fingertips!
However, if you don't stack them straight and neatly, the ice cream will tilt...
Ah! It has collapsed!
But ok, Icecream Fever allows you to stack ice cream over and over again!

[Aim for a high score!]
It's lonely that the ice cream that has been piled up collapses...
We can't bring back what we've lost
Instead, record it as a high score!
The high score will be displayed with the bar as the screen moves to that height.
If you update your high score, we will give you a small celebration!

After playing a lot of IcecreamFever, let's eat real ice cream!
I'm sure it tastes better than usual!