Jyotish astrology

Jyotish astrology

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Description of Jyotish astrology

Jyotish (Vedic, Indian, lunar astrology) is the oldest system for studying the Universe. By right, it has been considered the greatest science of sciences since ancient times.

Translated from Sanskrit, "jyoti" means "light of knowledge", "shedding light", and "-isha" means God. This great science, indeed, helps to shed light for everyone who comes into contact with it on life - his own, those around him, the world.

Very accurately about Jyotish is said in the book by I. Pozdeeva "Jyotish or Vedic Astrology":

“The actions and destinies of people are“ recorded ”in Heaven in the form of the movement of stars and planets, and then, at the birth of a person, they are issued by the Heavenly Chancellery in the form of a kind of passport - a horoscope. The horoscope reflects the picture of fate and allows you to see the laws of the universe, of which a person is a part. The horoscope helps to understand why certain events occur, to accept your destiny, to realize responsibility for the committed and performed actions, but most importantly, it helps to see yourself as a part of the world, where everything is permeated with the law of correspondence and filled with divine love, has a deep meaning and is aimed at the good souls.

• Description of the horoscope
• Houses of the horoscope
• Values of houses
• Description of graha
• Sun (Surya)
• Moon (Chandra)
• Mars (Mangala)
• Mercury (Buddha)
• Jupiter (Guru, Brihaspati)
• Venus (Shukra)
• Saturn (Shani)
• Rahu
• Ketu
Myths about planets
Calculation of favorable time

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