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Ctrip Travel-Ctrip is in hand, just walk away As an authoritative online travel service company in the industry, the mobile client of Ctrip Travel provides more than 110,000 hotels and serviced apartments in China, more than 700,000 hotels overseas, air tickets for all domestic routes and most mainstream international routes, train tickets for all domestic routes, and domestic Long-distance bus tickets for more than 200,000 lines in more than 500 cities, airport pick-ups and self-driving car rentals in more than 150 cities in China and more than 500 cities overseas, covering about 200,000 driver services in 285 cities, providing super affordable attraction tickets And other booking services, there are more one-stop travel services such as travel vacations, themed travel packages, attraction ticket discounts, travel guides, travel shopping guides, travel WiFi, etc., to help you realize your dream of traveling. 【Ctrip Travel】 Book hotels, air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, scenic spots tickets, car, group tours, weekend tours, free travel, self-driving tours, cruises, travel and vacation products anytime, anywhere! Enjoy travel guides, travel insurance, and travel specials. Don't worry about traveling and traveling! 【activity】 [Guarantee] Ctrip provides comprehensive service guarantee for hotels, vacations, air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, boat tickets, car rentals, homestays, etc.! [Market] Millions of people are helping you plant grass during travel photography, traveling the world together, taking you to enjoy flowers, see the sea, and explore the world's culture! [Hotel] Health Guardian Alliance-hotel warm-hearted service, Ctrip guards with peace of mind! [Tourism] Hear the travel, 3000+ audio guides for domestic and foreign scenic spots are free to listen at home! [Tickets and Fun] Book your trip, pre-sales of big-name scenic spots start at 50% off! [Bus tickets] Real-time notification of the resumption of bus tickets, one-click ticket purchase, and departure to spring! 【The main function】 -Hotels: Provide online reservation services for more than 110,000 domestic hotels, inns, serviced apartments and more than 700,000 overseas hotels and homestays; quickly book tonight hotels, hotels with exclusive mobile phone prices, mysterious hotels, special sale hotels, specialty hotels, Brand hotels, boutique hotels; bookmark hotels, making reservations more convenient. -Air tickets: You can fly freely on China routes, and you can book air tickets for travel around the world at any time. On Ctrip, you can book tickets with instant discounts and unlimited gifts! Mobile phone automatic check-in, advance reservation and seat selection; low-cost assistant allows you to subscribe to air tickets at low prices every day, and enjoy non-stop discounts; you are not afraid of delays and cancellations, and the flight status can be viewed in real time; refunds and changes, flight adjustments, mobile phone in hand, one-click confirmation ; One-stop query for airport traffic and service information, and Ctrip's mobile client for airport bus and airport shuttle services are all available. -Train tickets: You can book domestic and international train tickets at will. Student tickets, children's tickets, and 12306 direct ticket purchases are also supported. The brand-new speed cloud grabs tickets, gets on the train to make up for tickets, grabs tickets faster and more worry-free; provides refunds and changes, and can be customized privately, which is convenient and fast. -Bus tickets: Support for online booking of more than 200,000 passenger lines at 3,000 domestic stations; the lines have covered major scenic spots and airports across the country. Support offline direct ticket collection, more than 300 ticket collection machines have covered 110 domestic passenger stations; support online booking of special flights such as flow shifts and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect; support cashback, first order discount, coupons and other benefits; support in advance 60-day reservation for ticket purchase and ticket-grabbing function; support for online refunds in Sichuan Province; some cities support the purchase of special ticket types such as child-carrying tickets and children's tickets. -Tickets: Provide ultra-affordable ticket booking service, choose themes to focus on tickets for popular attractions, sort by recommendation, and see which attractions tickets are recommended by people who have been. Order tickets online, and there are discounts plus cashback offers. -Fun: Provide booking services covering global destinations such as day trips, transportation connections, outbound WiFi Internet access, local cuisine, leisure and entertainment, novelty adventures, etc., make it easy to book and enjoy a cool travel experience. -Travel: group tour, air ticket + hotel free travel package, scenic spot + hotel travel package, surrounding tour, cruise, travel visa, travel insurance for you to choose, there are more theme tours, study tours, company tours, top tours, local fun For you to enjoy the fun of traveling. Travel experts help you find the route, and the map will no longer be dazzling. -Raiders: Super practical guides to the destination, eating, drinking and shopping around, featured tours with local guides, micro-travels, quick questions and answers, good companions, and reliable reviews, pocket guides with great experience collection (support offline download); Raiders photo The museum is online, and you can see all the beautiful scenery! The Raiders membership system has been revised, and the privileges and benefits will not stop! Add entrances for air tickets, accommodations, vacations, train tickets, bus tickets, and car bookings. One-stop travel, just use the guide! -Weekend trips: new and popular city-wide trips, take you to spend the weekend for free; various trips by self-driving bus, more exciting high non-stop. -Car: Covering more than 150 cities in China and more than 500 cities overseas, providing domestic and international airport shuttle, agent driving, car rental, self-driving, shared car rental, special car on call, mobile phone taxi, pick-up and drop-off for in and out, travel without interruption, car rental More intimate. Newly added cross-city chartered car navigation, supporting one-way and round-trip needs, full coverage of domestic and overseas, making customer operations more convenient. -Payment: Credit card, debit card, WeChat, Alipay, free choice of payment method. -Food: A new entrance to the Food Channel, full of overseas food information. Going abroad is not afraid of "nowhere to eat", searching for food is more convenient. The food street function is online, and local delicacies can be found in one go. Gourmet homepage has a new look, exclusive benefits for food travellers. Ctrip's new food-Gourmet Forest, covering 20 popular destinations around the world, only recommend authentic food during travel; adding filtering functions near shopping districts and popular landmarks, so easy to find food! Recommend restaurants according to the order, and eat all the good food in one stop! -Gift card: Ctrip gift card is the first choice for gifts/benefits; "gift card red envelope" helps you show your heart at any time; there is also "Ctrip Treasure" to help you travel at a discount, and "Liyu Mall" exclusive boutiques can be redeemed at will! Newly added "Gift Card+", you can get exclusive 0 yuan merchandise when you purchase the card. Want to travel? Buy a gift card first, payment will be faster and the journey will be more affordable! -Voice query: You can intelligently query hotels, air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, tickets, tours, guides, sideways, weekend trips with your mouth—just "say" and go. 【special service】 -Hotel: Enjoy various special offers such as price comparison, exclusive mobile phone price, mystery hotel, special hotel tonight and so on. -Air tickets: low-cost assistants, direct airlines, mobile phone bookings are convenient and preferential, various prices, various combinations are waiting for you to book; reservation and seat selection, easy to realize palm check-in. -Micro-leader: travel chat groups, micro-leaders, local guides, and other travellers to answer questions in real time; global SOS 24-hour free emergency support service; local guides book tickets, chartered cars, and performance tickets on behalf of travellers; travel with friends and participate in the local area Get together and be the best traveler in your circle of friends. Micro leader, your travel assistant. -Self-driving and private car: Domestic car rental is online to find the car booking mode of the store, providing you with a new experience for self-driving travel; overseas chartered car is newly launched, with up to 150 yuan off voucher, 150+ cities around the world, 360° no dead angle Chinese service, let charter Traveling is happier! -Overseas Airport Transfer: Worried about the inconvenience of contacting the driver overseas? The order details page has added a chat entry with the driver and real-time location check function, your first stop overseas, we will escort you! -Global purchase: The new version of the credit card reward channel! Collect discounts on bank cards across the entire network, allowing you to get enough at one time! Thousands of rewards activities to spend up to 10% cash back for any consumption with MasterCard, there is also a global shopping double stacking activity, double discounts, more affordable! The overseas service channel is newly launched, Hong Kong insurance, Japanese medical examination, and overseas real estate, to help you start overseas asset allocation immediately and accumulate wealth steadily! -Tax refund: European airport tax refund is now online! Covering 7 European countries including Britain and France, 12 major airports including Paris Charles de Gaulle, London Heathrow, and 14 tax refund agencies including Global Blue and Premier! Get the coupon now and enjoy the privileges! -Special foreign exchange: discounted tours are as low as 10%; special cruises are sold on time in the first month of the Year of the Goat, and the prices on multiple routes are absolutely low. The quality is not discounted, the ultra-low price is guaranteed, and the trip is 100%. -Site-wide search: Integrate search functions such as destinations, hotels, attractions, tourism, air tickets, tickets, train tickets, group purchases, etc., making it easier and faster to find. -Itinerary: The new itinerary service provides users with smarter itinerary reminders. New cards, itinerary changes, and upcoming travel itineraries are all mastered in one hand. Favorite hotels and attractions can be added to the itinerary with one click. -Outbound WiFi: One dollar early adopters, many people outside the country surf the Internet, portable and unlimited data. -Luggage delivery: You can deliver your luggage directly to hotels, airports, railway stations, etc. within the same city or across cities. Free your hands and go travel! -Local guides: 5000+ guides and travel experts from around the world, to help guests solve travel problems, provide guests with diversified services such as accompany tours, special experiences, trip gatherings, etc., and lead guests to experience the freshest and most in-depth local gameplay, and bid farewell to the view Fancy travel makes the journey unique. Ctrip Travel is developed and provided by (listed on NASDAQ: CTRP), which is worthy of trust. Download and experience it now, and come on a trip that just walks away!

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