XFishFinder sonar fish finder

XFishFinder sonar fish finder

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Description of XFishFinder sonar fish finder

XFishFinder application is designed to detect promising places for fishing, finding fish and exploring the water column, depth, water temperature, bottom bottom contour and much more.

The XFishFinder application allows you to work with the Wireless Sonar Sensor and Lucky sonar sensors, which are used in echo sounders: Lucky FFW718, FFW718LA, FF1108-1CWLA, LUCKY FF718LiC-WLA, FFW1108-1, FF718LiC-W, FF718 DUO, FF518, FF918-C100WDS, FF918-100WS, FF1108-1C

For Lucky’s echo sounder sensors, data is received by a receiver located in the XFishFinder device’s case and transmitted to a smartphone or tablet via USB OTG or Blutooth.

XFishFinder software draws data from a fishfinder or sensor on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

The software implements:

Record / playback of the reservoir scan history
Working with Google maps, and creating maps of the depths of the reservoir
Vertical indicator of signal strength from the sensor
Depth level scaling, for a detailed view of the bottom
Drawing fish and its size
Sounds of depth and fish alerts
Several options for appearance
Work with several units
Color display of depth maps.
Detail display of depth maps
History of visited places
Export history file to other formats.
Setting your marker
Wireless Sonar Sensor Support
`Blind` map area
Choice of the type of map displayed: road, satellite, terrain, hybrid

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    Update Version: V5.30.25

    Last Update: 2020.02.03

    System version requirements: Android 5.0

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