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Description of Convy School

Designed with the support of psychologists, psychotherapists and school managers for bullying and cyberbullying, this App aims to support families and students in dealing with and managing in the best way an increasingly worrying phenomenon: bullying and cyberbullying.
Bullying is not a problem of individual students but the result of a social interaction, in which adult educators and spectators play an essential role in maintaining or modifying the interaction.
Dealing with this phenomenon is a priority in order to achieve the goal of feeling good at school. Even where it is not recorded, bullying can be an opportunity to teach the art of being comfortable with others.
Thanks to the explanatory text present and always available within the App, it is possible to deal with the topic within one's family in a constructive way, learn to recognize the behaviors that can prevent a peaceful coexistence within the school (or re-enter in the category of bullying or cyberbullying) and identify the most correct behaviors to adopt once these situations are recognized.
Once identified, one of the most important phases in the management of this type of situation is communication with the school staff in charge of what is happening.
Often, however, this phase is also very delicate because one is afraid of becoming victims of aggressive behaviors of the same type, and therefore it becomes very important to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of this communication to families and children.
The encrypted messaging service inside the App allows families and children to communicate directly to the school any suspicious situations or at risk of bullying or cyberbullying, both if you have suffered aggressive behavior and if you have witnessed such behavior .
The App guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the communication sent also thanks to the automatic deletion of the text 5 seconds after sending and does not provide the possibility for the Institute to reply to the message to avoid leaving traces within the App that could reveal sending the message.
The message is received by the Institute and can only be viewed upon authentication of the authorized person identified as the person responsible for bullying and cyberbullying within the school.
The person responsible for bullying and cyberbullying is already present and operational within each school in the Italian national territory and will be the only one who will be able to access the communications that arrive through Convy School in order to analyze and manage them in the most appropriate way, in total confidentiality.

The App is completely free for families and, once downloaded, the system requires the user to enter the user's mobile number to make the association with the school which will have to be further confirmed. The association will allow the person in charge of the Institute to view the list of all the families who have registered and, from that moment on, all the data and communications of the families they will make to the Institute will be safe. All information is protected by an AES256 and RSA encryption that will allow only the person authorized by the school to access the communications made.
All data relating to families are always stored in encrypted form to ensure total privacy and confidentiality of communications.