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Description of Keep Me Safe
Family locator with GPS tracker, video & audio recording, and chat!

The Keep Me Safe Family Locator Tracker gives you peace of mind by enabling you to know the exact location of your kids and family members, wherever they are.

Other amazing features of the app, which are possible with the express permission of your family members, include:

✔ GPS phone tracker - track your child’s or family member’s location in real-time on the map and the history of movements for any period of time.

✔ SOS - Receive and respond to SOS signals from kids and other family members. In an emergency, your family members can send an SOS signal by long-pressing the volume button or tapping the SOS button in the app on his phone.

✔ Video / audio recording - When you receive an SOS, you can make a video or audio recording of where your family members are to be sure they are in good company.

✔ Chat and voice notes - You can privately chat and exchange voice notes right inside the app with your family members. You don’t need to worry about spam as you will be able to chat with ONLY the family members that you are connected with.

✔ Parental control - See how long your child spends on various apps on his or her phone.

✔ Geofencing - You can define places where your kids and family members often visit and get notified when they enter or leave the geofence.

✔ Location history - See all the places your family members have been for the past seven days.

The Keep Me Safe family locator app has been designed and developed to give us peace of mind regarding the whereabouts of our family members. With this app, you will no longer need to keep calling to know where your spouse or kids are. You will simply see them wherever they are.

To track your kids or loved ones:
The family member you wish to monitor must give you permission to do so by installing the Keep Me Safe app too.

How To Set Up The App In Less Than Two Minutes

1) Install the Keep Me Safe app on your phone, register, and then add the person you wish to track.
2) To add the person, you need to share the link to the Keep Me Safe app and also a unique 5 digit code. You do this by clicking a button that will show on your app screen.
3) The person you share the link and code with MUST install the app and grant the app ALL permissions and then input the code in the space provided.
4) Once this happens, the Keep Me Safe user, which, in this case, is you, would receive a notification to approve connection with the person.
5) You will then complete the set up of the other user. Once you do, he or she will be connected to you and you can see and track each other.
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