Description of Ball Run

It's time to raise the stairs... but how high can you climb? Let's find ou!

Time your tap to raise the highest of the stairs stacker in this amazing stair jump simulator.

Climb the highest stairs of blocks in this funny stack jump game. Try to pass and jump each stair in this crazy endless journey. Dodge, pick up coins and unlock new characters!

How to Play
● Tap to move your ball
● Collect coins to unlock new characters
● Climb the highest of the stairs
● Enjoy and have fun!

Tower blocks game features
● Easy and fun to play, hard to predict the result.
● Multiple scenes and very colorful.
● Amazing relaxing sounds.
● Physics-based, test your skills.
● Magnificent beautiful environment.

Try to be the BEST with this ball run game and will be able to keep the ball on track as it picks up speed and the stairway becomes more and more hard, throwing just about everything at you to cause a mistake 🕟

This ball run game is everything you’re looking for in an app that can keep you amused for however long you need to kill time. Get the ball rolling and download for free now! Its all about the hand and mind coordination. Lets test your motor skills with this hyper causal game. You might find it hard in the start. Practice is what makes you a pro in this game. Dare to give it a try? As time goes by games gets harder and harder, so we give you three powers to save your life when you are in trouble. Ball movement is based on gravity, so utilize that to your advantage!

It's amazing and I bet you could not get to 10 score, prove me wrong!


MOD of

  • V5.3.0 2020.01.20
    Cookie Run: Kingdom Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG
    - Fix problems and optimize user ex perience - Fix problems and optimize user ex

    In the Light

    - Fix problems and optimize userexperi ence userexperience - Fix problems and optimize userexperi ence

    League of Legends: Wild Rift

    Update Version: V5.30.25

    Last Update: 2020.02.03

    System version requirements: Android 5.0

    File size: 1.9GB


    1.Welcome to Wild Rift!
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