Siren Head vs Slenderman Game

Siren Head vs Slenderman Game

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Description of Siren Head vs Slenderman Game
Play Siren Head vs Slenderman Game, featuring Siren Head as a tall, thin, desiccated and dehydrated humanoid with mummified skin and dual sirens on its head fighting cats.
Would you like to join him to start the new exciting adventure in jungle now?

battle cats is monsters so be careful Siren Head vs Slenderman vs Cartoon Cat horror, They want to stop you like Lamp-Head with SCP 6789 Horror Games.
Lamphead It is a tall mysterious humanoid creature that is known for its odd appearance and the various sounds that emanate out of its head, which consists of a metallic pole with sirens attached to it.
Would you like to join him to start the new exciting adventure in jungle?

Scp Siren-Head is Horror game so be careful There are many angry monsters you want kill you and They want to stop you.

Fight for your pride, Siren-head vs Slenderman war!
Combine your skills and mighty weapons to defeat different types of zombies and Superhero gameplay;
ranging from normal walkers, to flying, fire-spitting ghouls!
Upgrade your weapon to deal more damage, agility to dash and jump higher.
Invest in rescuing task to increase cat running game your reputation and get assistance via summon
the black ninja Heroes, which lets you perform super-attacks and cast fire spells like scp fight siren head vs Slenderman vs cartoon cat vs cartoon dog.
Good luck!

Feel the thrill Assassin of the real hunt!

★ DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fanmade game mod for scp, im not affiliated with the game developers in any way, Siren-Head is a hostile cryptid and urban legend created by artist Trevor Henderson.

★ How to Play Lamp-Head SCP 6789 vs cartoons war game 2020 ★

- Jump and run through the super levels and dodge/attack all enemies/Long Horse and Slenderman.
- Pick up specified stuff to get new ability or buff.(double jump ability, upgrade weapon, power shield,awarding HP)
- Collect gold coin to get high score hero runner coins
- Collect silver coins and eat with Siren-Head vs vs Long Horse vs Slenderman and cat war vs cartoon dog
- Jump more higher via the spring and moving platform
- Please mind the Spikes,huge Saw and the twister.

★ Top Game Features Cartoon Cat And Siren Head vs Slenderman vs cartoon dog ★

- Easy to use
- Incredible game levels, more levels will be added in future
- Wonderful graphics and awesome music
- The longer you survive, the more changes you will experience.
- Fast paced and Continuous action game play
- Refill your energy by defeating the enemy with the Slenderman
- Plenty of challenges and action with cartoon cat vs cartoon dog
- Loaded with super fun sounds for great gaming excitement
- Challenging enemies, including the boss.
- Fun, so that you can not help but want to do it again!
- Creepypasta atmosphere
- Scp survival horror gameplay
- Reactive touch controls

Lamphead or Scp Siren Head vs Slenderman vs Long Horse vs cartoon cat terrifying Horror scary game!

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