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Install Passwordoid to the mobile phone
Description of Passwordoid
Passwordoid is an amazingly simple app for storing passwords. Remember only one password instead of all!
The main feature of the Passwordoid password manager is its extreme simplicity. You no longer need to be distracted with things you are not using. However, if you need complexity, you can create it yourself.
The Passwordoid password manager is safe because it does not store your app password anywhere: your password is just a key used to decrypt your database each time you enter the app.

Password types
Add your own password types, for example, "Personal", "Business", "Banking" and so forth. Then find password records by their type.

Password record fields
Add your own password record fields, for example, "Account", "Code", "Expires on", "Website" and so forth.

Quick search
Instantly search for password records by typing their content in the search string.

Archive passwords
Do not remove obsolete password records, just archive them to be able to restore when necessary.

Visually differentiate between password records with the help of icons or colors.

And other features
- Generate random passwords
- Copy passwords to buffer
- Pin and unpin password records
- Change passwords keeping their history
- Change app color theme, font size
- Change app password
- Back up and restore app data