Description of CnX Player

Play ALL video formats, 4K/ultra HD/2160p, All Codecs & Subtitle in powerful & secure 4K UHD Media Player and Experience Breath taking visual quality.

Unique & Cool Features ▶ of Best 4K Full UHD / HDR video player for Mobile & Tablet
    ◽ Powered by High Performance Playback Core & Hardware Acceleration HW+ Hardware Decoding
    ◽ Theatre Mode Quick & Easy video Play & browsing video gallery together
    ◽ Adjust Saturation Only 4K UHD Video Player with Saturation video filters
    ◽ Cast videos to TV Firestick & Chromecast
    ◽ Battery Saving Highly optimized 4K HW+ Hardware Decoding
    ◽ No full screen ads while watching videos. Uninterrupted movie Playing ads free video player

Play All Videos - No conversion
    ◽ Powerful H.265, X265, HEVC, H.264, X264, AVC, VP9, VP8, VC1 MPEG-4 & MPEG-2 All codecs Video Player
    ◽ All Formats Video Player - MP4, MKV, 4K, TS, WEBM, XVID, AVI, FLV, VOB, 3GP, MOV Movie Player
    ◽ All resolutions supported Play 4K, 2160p, 1080p, HD, full HD, 4K Ultra HD videos
    ◽ Professional 10-bit HDR Video Player [pro]
    ◽ Play all audio codecs AAC-LC, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, MP3, MP2, MP1 & Ogg Vorbis
    ◽ URL Network Stream Player – Play MPEG DASH, HTTP Progressive & HLS, MPD

Cast Videos to TV [pro]
    ◽ Quick Cast videos to Fire TV stick with support for remote control
    ◽ Play videos to TV via Chromecast

Unique & Cool Interface
    ◽ Theatre Mode – Play all videos in Theatre mode and browse the media gallery simultaneously
    ◽ Best User Interface & video management – Choose to arrange All videos in Grid view or in List view. Browse more videos in single go
    ◽ Natural & Intuitive Gesture – Skip videos by Double tap, fast forward, rewind, seek video, Adjust Volume, Change Brightness with cool screen gestures make video viewing a breeze
    ◽ Colorful themes – Choose from different theme modes
    ◽ Floating window Media Player – Switch to Pop out Mini Player for Multitasking on mobile & tablet

Powerful Playback Core
    ◽ Highly optimized video codecs with Hardware Acceleration HW+
    ◽ Save battery hence longer hours of video viewing
    ◽ Video Player with Hardware Decoding

▶  Video Playback settings ▶  
    ◽ Video filters Saturation, Contrast & brightness. Adjust Saturation in TOP 4K UHD Video Player & enhance video quality
    ◽ Adjust Playback speed between 0.5x to 2x. Play videos in slow & fast motion
    ◽ Auto rotate video depending upon mobile or tablet orientation
    ◽ Repeat All or No video in loop
    ◽ Crop & Stretch Video in top 4K Ultra HD High quality Video Player
    ◽ Switch Decoder - Hardware decoder & Software Decoder

Play All Subtitles
    ◽ Multiple language Subtitles - Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese
    ◽ ASS, SSA, SRT, PGS, SAMI, Subrip & more
    ◽ Change Subtitle color, text alignment and size

Video Management
    ◽ Wifi Video Transfer –Transfer videos from mobile to any PC or from any PC to mobile via easy to use Wifi Video Management feature
    ◽ Delete Videos – Preview & Delete Multiple videos or single video
    ◽ Hide Videos – Hide videos in Media Gallery by using the Hide & show feature. A fantastic feature for making personal Video Gallery
    ◽ Video History – Manage history of videos played
    ◽ Search Video – Search video in video library
    ◽ Sort Videos – Sort video collection by name, size or date

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  • V5.3.0 2020.01.20
    Cookie Run: Kingdom Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG
    - Fix problems and optimize user ex perience - Fix problems and optimize user ex

    In the Light

    - Fix problems and optimize userexperi ence userexperience - Fix problems and optimize userexperi ence

    League of Legends: Wild Rift

    Update Version: V5.30.25

    Last Update: 2020.02.03

    System version requirements: Android 5.0

    File size: 1.9GB


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