Rainbow Effects On Photo

Rainbow Effects On Photo

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Description of Rainbow Effects On Photo
Love Rainbow!  You want your photo more special with rainbow! Let download Rainbow Effect app. Rainbow is a camera & photo editor app which brought pretty rainbow and shadow stickers & color filters to decorate your life moments.

Rainbow Effects On Photo is a selfie camera & photo editor app that contains pretty sun flare and color overlay effect to decorate your life moments.
By this amazing rainbow camera features you have to capture the image or galary image to apply rain effects by single click or a portrait enlighten by a shining rainbow. you have to use  these rainbow effect and instantly add a realistic rainbow to your portraits and sceneries.
beautiful Rainbow Effect Filters in which you can add you as photos in a stunning natural beauty. Only a few steps are extremely simple as selecting photo, rotate photo, collage , move, decorate your photos with a few Rainbow Sticker and Sparkle Glitter Sticker & Rainbow Filter, you've got one extremely beautiful photos to share with your friends.
features of Rainbow Photo editor:
1. there are 4 effects that can apply on your photos i.e., Rainbow Effects, Shine Effects, Texture Effects, Lights Effects.
2. In Rainbow effects on picture has a variety of different rainbow effect. it has more than 40+ rainbow effects.
3. In Shine Effects on Photo has extremely beautiful Shine effects collection. have more than 25+ Shine effects to beautify your photos.
4. In Texture photo effects have different paper effect on photo and Lighting effects 10+ texture effects.
5. In light effects on Photos has a collection of light effects which is used to enlightening your photos into beautiful way.
We will do best to make Rainbow photo edit easier and constantly update more rainbow & shadow stickers for your photo.
Thanks for using Rainbow Camera aPps
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