Tips Zepeto Avatar Maker
Tips Zepeto Avatar Maker
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Tips Zepeto Avatar Maker
Description of Tips Zepeto Avatar Maker
zepeto is an app for avatar 3d creation you can make your own and use it as an avatar this app become a viral phenomenon in social media platforms like whatsapp tik tok Instagram Twitter etc.. zepeto allows you to make your personality in a 3d modele and you have the posibility to share it as a stories or profile pictures .. We decide like a zepeto fan to make to this app a guide informative that contain how to install this app and how to work on it and what is it ? So we are making just a guide for zepeto avatar creation if you dont know how to is it this guide will give you all the tricks that all you need to know to get creative designing your avatars,and how to use it in your social media platforms
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All the information and images that we used in this guide are under common creative license and the credit goes to their respective owners
enjoy it !