Boss Poker: VIP Hold'em [Premium Blackjack Baccarat]
Boss Poker: VIP Hold'em [Premium Blackjack Baccarat]
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Boss Poker: VIP Hold'em [Premium Blackjack Baccarat]
Description of Boss Poker: VIP Hold'em [Premium Blackjack Baccarat]

✔ Are you bored with the same game every day, the same game?

✔ We solve everyday boringness at once.

✔ End of worry about payment, unlimited payment bonus all day !!

✔ Play high quality poker, Baduki, Hold'em, Baccarat, Blackjack, and mini slot games all in one app

✔ The revolution of the poker game begins.

-You need a boring game escape with the same pattern.

-You need a special game?

<<< Here the revolutionary "Boss Poker" of poker has been released >>>

✔ Feel the sticky touch of colorful 3D graphics that you have never experienced.

-Gorgeous 3D graphics are standard when making genealogy

-The sticky taste of your hand

-Express various emotions in the game with fun emoticons

-The best immersion with a sticky sound

✔ Poker Go to Hold'em Baccarat Blackjack Slot Machine in One App

-You can enjoy 6 kinds of high quality games with one download.

-Squeeze Baccarat's firm hand taste

-High quality Blackjack 3 decks 6 decks Actual Las Vegas method applied

-7 poker and Go with colorful graphics

-Play with various users at the 6-sit 9-sit Hold'em table

-5 types of slot machines to win unconditionally

✔ Join a family and enjoy the game with a variety of friends.

-Make your own family or join the family you want and make friends.

-Participate in the monthly family battles and get huge rewards.

-You can enjoy various gathering activities with family members.

-If the problem with the app persists, please refer to the following.

1) Select the phone's Settings--> Application Entry--> Application Manager.

2) Delete the cache by selecting-Google Play-Store in Application Manager and clicking Delete Cache.

3) Turn off the Google Play Store app, relaunch it, and download again.

4) After downloading the app again, run the app, log in with the same account (If you log in with the same account, all levels and chips/jewels will be restored)

5) If the problem is not solved by the above method, the symptom is sent to the boss game customer center by email.

** Bosscasino customer center email address: [email protected]

We will contact you again as soon as possible [within 48 hours] after identifying the problem.

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More fun, more exciting, more enjoyable game Tim Never Rouge is making.

◎ Details of required access rights

-Storage space: You can use the function to upload/download files to the device during the use process.

-Address Book: You can use the address book information function when using simple login such as Google Facebook.

-Camera: You can use the function when attaching pictures in the game.


Developer Contact:

Das House #307, 5-11 Daejo-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul