Jewelry King : ZOMBIE DUMB
Jewelry King : ZOMBIE DUMB
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Install Jewelry King : ZOMBIE DUMB to the mobile phone
Jewelry King : ZOMBIE DUMB
Description of Jewelry King : ZOMBIE DUMB
Swap and Match 3 or more Jewelry of the same with Zombie Dumb buddies!
Tons of missions and stages are waiting for your challenge!
ANYZAC, ZOMBIEDIMB ®All rights reserved. ⓒANYZAC/SKB/KBS/SBA, All rights reserved.

- Sneak peek function supported
- Auto-play function supported
- Tons of Stages
- Unique stage missions and challenges
- Powerful items that will support your game play!
- Race to the world best record! (Arcade mode)
- Compete with other players from all around the world! (1 on 1 versus mode)
- Leader Board, Achievement, friend invitation supported
- 16 language supported
- Tablet devices supported

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