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Description of Lovla
Welcome to Lovla. The new dating app for deeper connections and better dates.

Join us from the start. We’re giving out 1 year of free Plus Profiles to the first 100.000 members!

Why give your heart to Lovla? Here’s our declaration of love.

You should fall for us because you want to try something new. Because you’ve started your journey but still, you’re curious for more. Because you enjoy meeting new people and love cool features.

You should fall for us because there’s just something missing, something you’d like to find. We’re here to help you put your finger on what it is and meet new and exciting singles.

If you put your destiny in our hands, we’ll hold your hand all the way. - Whether you’re into flirting or are in search of the one you want to spend the rest of your days with, we’re pulling out all the stops to make the journey as memorable as possible.

It may sound naive, but what we’re really passionate about is creating happiness for others. We get excited about sleepless nights and butterflies in the stomach, for walks with coffee and kisses in the rain. We believe there’s love for everyone and that yours is out there.

Lovla has come in to the world as an online dating universe, to set the scene for the personal introduction. For singles who want more, are looking for deeper connections and want to go on meaningful dates.

No one knows when fate comes knocking on the door and makes you fall for another human being. But we want the experience to be meaningful. That’s why we’ve integrated the coolest features to make your experience with the dating scene as exciting and personal as possible, and all of a sudden you’ll realise that on Lovla, a Like, is much more than just a Like.

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You are few clicks away from creating new fun memories. Join us today and welcome the future by meeting new people.
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