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Countdown Widget

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Description of Countdown Widget
Countdown widget app displays number of days until your next special events.

The Countdown widget app have beautiful home screen widgets and reminder with notifications for upcoming events.

Add any number of widgets on your home screen so you can see the days left for all your special events. Like: birthday countdown, chrismas vacation countdown, anniversary countdown. Choose any dates and track days until those special events in your life.

Countdown app features:
• You can place any number of countdown widgets and can track days until and other styling for each widget.
• Complete customisation options to style your countdown widgets.
• Notifications and reminders for upcoming events.
• Options to choose cool fonts, text colors, size and many more customisation options for each widget.

Internet permission, Network permission: for in app purchase to unlock the app and remove ads.

Please email us if you find any issues or if you have any suggestions. we works to improve user experiences and enhance app with best features.
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    Last Update: 2020.02.03

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