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Description of Nail That Coin
Nail That Coin (Brazilian "Preguinho") is a game that takes us back to that time in the 70's or 80's when we had very little, almost no technology and yet we were able to find fun. Anything we had lying around was enough to build something that would allow us to play with friends.

With an old wooden board, several nails and some sticks, we could create a field. Add to that a coin and we had a finger soccer game to play with friends. Then it was a matter of setting up a championship table and inviting the neighborhood to play in the contest. It was a fun time, even before video games.

Nail that Coin aims to bring back that joy, it simulates that iconic game from the past and will grant hours of fun to the entire family and friends, in a very competitive game.

There's no age limit in this nostalgic game, it's all about physics and ability.

Nail that Coin includes:
- Single and two player modes in the same device
- Shootout mode: penalty style play, with the coin is placed in increasing difficult positions
- Head to head inverts the camera for player two so he can sit in front without having to rotate the device
- Board customization:
- 23 wooden and plastic boards of different materials and colors
- 8 pin types (nails and plastic pins)
- 3 different pin formations
- 10 different coins to play with, old coins to complement the nostalgic feeling

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