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Description of iStar
Experience the channels you love like never before! Watch streams and behind the scenes stories with devoted social video creators around the world.

Access all the content you care about, from the social world on iStar’s ad-free platform, which brings you exclusive content, first to view videos and a closer look at your favorite creator with photos and videos from behind the scenes action. With new unique streamers joining every day, your entertainment never ends at iStar.


1. Watch videos of your favorite social stars, from gamers and vloggers to fashion and musicians in an uninterrupted and more engaged environment.
2. Behind the scenes social interaction allows for you to break through the noise and get to know the creators while they are filming the shows you love to watch...
3. Discover new creators using our Ai powered recommendation engine to find amazing new content.

Be a part of the social entertainment platform on iOS, Android and Web! with on demand, there’s something for everyone on iStar.

Join the biggest fans of the hottest social video creators and celebrities who have found a place to connect better with the viewers they love.

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