Tachlal - a bloody Yemenite arrangement
Tachlal - a bloody Yemenite arrangement
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Tachlal - a bloody Yemenite arrangement
Description of Tachlal - a bloody Yemenite arrangement

LKI 5771 for the creation of B'Shlab for banknotes

תִּכְלַאל - Siddur Tefilah in the ancient and Zen style of the holy communities of Yemen


> Importance to greet from an arrangement

What good is it to greet from an arrangement that will not distract him, and to direct in every word and phrase. And the "clear mishnah" has already been written "(sign of the first chapter, section a)"
Desalination is a work in the heart, and it requires consistency and a strong will, to direct in it what comes out of its mouth, and not to think of other things, and also to say all the special additions that are in changing times such as 'rising and coming' on Rosh Chodesh and the like. Therefore, a person will do well if he gets used to praying out of a siddur, and it will be useful for him on Rosh Chodesh not to forget to say 'he will go up and come', , Then "his evil thought will return" - he will not err and will not think unworthy things in prayer.

> Today's devices

In recent years, there have been many types of computerized devices, which are everywhere, which has caused many types of applications to be developed for Torah observance and mitzvos, and even prayer arrangements are common. The applications are mainly for members of other KKs in various versions for Sephardim and Ashkenazim, and here comes a demand from the Yemeni KK public to develop an arrangement for arranging in the style of Yemeni KK - Baladi, whose use is very necessary for them.

> Purpose of application development

For those who already have the mobile devices in their hands and need to pray from it. And this is not to give a seal to these types of devices, which world greats have come out against holding, except for those who have received a special permit from their masters. Therefore, we mobilized a corps in the SD to purchase the punctuated texts according to the accepted versions and wordings, in order to win over the many.

> Degrees of arrangement

- The first ballad arrangement in the online version, version 0.1, which includes the weekday prayers and the prayers and blessings that are found every day and every time and event in the cycle of the year and the cycle of life.
- The arrangement is arranged in a special layout, adapted to the various mobile devices, in large writing and with a full score.
- The prayers belonging to Shabbat and Yom Tov do not appear in the Siddur, because the use of the mobile device is completely forbidden on Shabbat and Yom Kippur.
- The prayers are combined with explanations and short passages of Halacha.
- The arrangement is without skipping and without references to review elsewhere, but everything is arranged step by step.
- Can be enlarged and reduced, a quick skip to a particular pool and to the next or previous section.
- Quick navigation by the arrangement content map.
- The arrangement is displayed on the device without a connection to the online network.
- The arrangement is distributed free of charge for the success of the donors and for the healing of their family members.

> Pay attention! Disconnect the device from conversations and rings in the middle of the prayer as well as during the stay in the synagogue.

> Remember! A study of a printed prayer book is of great benefit and highly recommended!

Plenty of congratulations! Will apply to the helpers and supporters of our actions to spread the tradition of Yemenite sages.

> Dear worshiper! If you find a mistake please send it to us. We would love to hear constructive comments.

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