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Guide For Among Us ඞ
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Guide For Among Us ඞ
Description of Guide For Among Us ඞ
Among Us is a multiplayer game where 4-10 people are all aboard a ship and are trying to prepare it to take off while one person among the innocent Crewmates is an Impostor. The Crewmates must complete given tasks in order to take off while the Impostor's goal is to eliminate crewmates without anybody suspecting them as the brutal killer.

Imposter Tips & Guide - How To Play Among Us:

One way to blend in with Crewmates is to stand near a task and pretend like you're completing it among us. Even if you are an Imposter, you can still see the available tasks by checking the yellow exclamation marks on your map. However, make sure you don't pretend like you are completing Visual Tasks since other players can see these tasks being performed. If they spot you, it will be obvious you're faking it!

Imposter Map Specific Advice Among US:

It may go without saying, but killing in areas with high traffic is not a good idea. The more access points an area has, the more likely it is that someone was just there. Unless you've sabotaged the lights, we don't recommend killing in this area.

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-Among Us Skins Details.
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-Among Us Nickname Generator.
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-Among Us Knowledge Quiz.