FPS Robot strike
FPS Robot strike
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FPS Robot strike
Description of FPS Robot strike
FPS Robot strike - Gun shooting Action Games
Experience the new Gun Shooting Action Games with FPS Police Robot cars!
FPS Robot strike - Gun shooting Action Games is a new fps shooting games 2020. This is a robot shooting games where the savior of the city is the police. You will not be playing a shooting games 2020 where the actual heroes of a city is forgotten and reliance on army is increased. The FPS Robot Strike ensures that the cops get the honor and award which they deserve for protecting the people against the criminals and gangsters in police games.

This Gun shooting action games 2020 has a scenario of a city which is plagued by the criminals, gangsters and now some proof of terrorists gathering is also found. Fps robot police will take the responsibility in taking the criminals in police games 2020. Police department has formed a task force whose frontline mission in war against crime will be to encounter the criminals and terrorist. And then, eliminate them one by one through offline wild gun shooting. The gangsters and local criminals are well equipped so you will be facing counter shooting. As a robot police, your aim must be to eliminate the gangsters in this gun shooting games 2020. As a real cop you have to save your hometown in war.

In order to face the terrorists and gangsters, police task force have been equipped with latest and modern weapons. Your arsenal will have, pistols, machine guns, 3d sniper rifles and assault rifles. You will pick your weapon for police shooting strike. You have to understand that in police games you are up against the terrorist so you must be sharp fps shooter. The lives of thousands of people are in your hand, so choose the gun wisely in fps robot shooter games 2020.

In FPS Robot strike - Gun shooting Action Games you will have an anti-terrorist war. You will have to do some real fps shooting. You will have modern guns for offline fps counter terrorism missions. All you will need to do is real police robot strike in offline police games 2020. You are the task force leader in fps counter terrorism mission. You will have to pick terrorist and kill them in futuristic robot fps games. If you do not attack first then you might face a terrorist robot attack in police games.

Therefore, Ready. Aim. Fire!!!
You have to take care of the mess that is caused by the criminals and gangsters in the city of police games. Your secret mission is to eliminate the risk factors and counter terrorist by real gun shooting. This war will not end until you have kill all the mafia leaders of the city. US police robot shooting games is a real fps shooting game. Hence, as a real cop take down all of the criminals and secure your city in offline critical gun strike of FPS Robot strike - Gun shooting Action Games.

Time has come to pack your weapons and put on your uniform in this police games 2020. You must have strong tactic and strategy in your mind while playing this offline action games. You are the real hero of the city as a counter terrorism fps shooter. So prove your fps shooting skills in war against the terrorists. This offline gun games 2020 is a real action scenario based game with the heavy police duty on your soldiers. So counter terrorist attacks and get victory in police robot battles. This fps shooting games 2020 is real offline police games. You will have the real feel of robot shooting in this fps gun games. So have the best time playing FPS Robot strike - Gun shooting Action Games.

Features of FPS Robot strike - Gun shooting Action Games are:
💣 Real shooting experience
💣 Multiple gun shooting weapons in police games 2020
💣 Anti-terrorist battle scenarios with real police robots
💣 Real war like feel and addictive gameplay
💣 3d battlefields with amazing sound effects