ChocoMe! - Tiff,PDF,Comic,Furigana viewer
ChocoMe! - Tiff,PDF,Comic,Furigana viewer
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Install ChocoMe! - Tiff,PDF,Comic,Furigana viewer to the mobile phone
ChocoMe! - Tiff,PDF,Comic,Furigana viewer
Description of ChocoMe! - Tiff,PDF,Comic,Furigana viewer

💎 App features

✔️ EasyViewer

It has a built-in text and image engine and supports files in all formats.

The built-in image engine supports the most powerful features such as PDF, Tiff and image split / rotate / effect.

It also supports text documents and e-books such as EPUB via the text engine.

✔️ MiniViewer

It is the smallest and fastest app with only a built-in text engine.

The text engine alone supports files in all formats, including text documents, e-books, as well as PDF / Tiff / images.

However, since there is no image engine, various functions such as image division / rotation / effect cannot be used.

✔️ ChocoMe, EasyPDF

It is the smallest app with a built-in image engine only.

It supports files in all image formats such as PDF / Tiff / images and provides various features such as split / rotate / effect.

It does not support text documents or ebooks due to the lack of a text engine.

✔️ CherieViewer

CherieViewer is an ad-free paid version.

It provides all the features of EasyViewer.

EasyViewer PC version can be downloaded from

💎 Features

✔️ Everything is automatic.

The image is automatically judged and divided into 1 or 2 sheets, or displayed in webtoon mode.

There is no inconvenience to constantly change the split mode according to the image.

✔️ One touch run

There is no need to touch several times to change a specific function or setting.

It is convenient to be able to operate function with minimal touch.

✔️ Fast speed

Load 100 mega text documents at high speed.

✔️ Full support of e-books

E-books (EPUB, CBZ, CBR) can be read immediately, and two pages on a screen like a paper book are convenient.

Not only the text but also the image is displayed properly.

✔️ FTP, SFTP, SMB, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, WebDAV supported

✔️ Supports unlimited multiple compressed files

Supports compressed files in compressed files, so you can view documents and images without extracting the compressed files.

Also, it provides more convenient by providing folder view function to navigate inside compressed file.

✔️ Shortcut support

Register the document you are viewing as a shortcut icon on the home screen, so you can read it anywhere anytime.


Image Viewer

- Animated GIF support

- Support various image formats (webp, tif, tiff, pdf, jpg, png, bmp, gif, pic, zip, 7z, cbz etc.)

- Open image in archive (zip, 7z, rar, arj, cbz, cbr)

- PDF file support: Quick and smooth viewing.

- Split, Auto Split, View Direction (Left-> Right, Right-> Left)

  When set to Auto Split, the image is automatically judged and divided into 1 or 2 images.

- Webtoon View Support: You can conveniently view long vertical images.

- Support various effects (Inverse / Mono / Sepia / Sharp / Bold / Dark / Bright)

💎 Other features

- Google Drive, Google Team Drive, Shared Drive support

- OneDrive support

- DropBox support

- SMB support

- SFTP support

- FTP support

- WebDav support

- Supports Bluetooth devices

- Supports headsets

- Notification window control

- Create a shortcut icon on the home screen

- PDF to JPEG converter

* Other

You need file read / write permissions to read novels / comics. (necessary)

The PC version of EasyViewer can be downloaded from

Please leave a comment on if you find it inconvenient or need improvement.