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MYA Wallet
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MYA Wallet
Description of MYA Wallet

Mya Wallet is an electronic wallet. Also known under the name of virtual wallet, it is a virtual storage which, like a bank account without being one, will allow you to manage monetary flows (inflows and outflows of money: payments , transfers, refunds ...). Secure and uncapped, it has the advantage of adapting to any connected medium and allowing instant currency exchanges.
Receive payments from partners and employers, pay for services, withdraw money anywhere in the world using Mya Wallets;

Open the international electronic wallet.
✔️ Exchange your currencies Euro, dollars …… in $ MYA;
✔️ Transfer from account to Account;
✔️ Transfer by bank details, available;
✔️ Transfer from BTC, BCC, BTG, EURS, USDT, LTC and ETH cryptocurrency wallets.
✔️ Money transfer to any wallet with minimal fees;
✔️ Purchase of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Tether, Stasis) at the most competitive rate;
✔️ Send money to your bank account opened in any country in the world;
✔️ Currency exchange in USD, EUR, FRANC CFA and RUB at market rate.