Strategy Ottoman: Tower Defense
Strategy Ottoman: Tower Defense
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Strategy Ottoman: Tower Defense
Description of Strategy Ottoman: Tower Defense
Tower defense, create your strategy to defend your country and fight against enemies!

Strategy Ottoman is a mobile strategy game based on history. Build your towers and fight for your country in this game where the heroic janissaries of the Ottoman period are present! Become a great sultan, ensure the peace of your city, raise the level of the towers, think well, seek help from your friends when necessary and rise!
Nothing will stop you with the right tactics, strategy and faith. Hagia Sophia and Masjid-i Aksa are waiting for you!

Game Features:
* Set up the Ottoman Empire towers.
* Summon historical Turkish myths: Dragons and
Janissaries from the Ottoman Empire, archers await your orders!
* Large-Scale Battlefield: PVP, PVE, and Kingdom War; Fight for your honor and your land!
* Strategic Battles: Wide variety of army types, weapons, imams and flexible hero combinations; Experience the strategy on a global scale!
* Quality graphics, excellent visual experience:
Gorgeous graphics, genuine 2D and excellent details will provide you with the perfect visual experience.
* Big offline gain:
Intelligent Artificial Intelligence System will bring you big gains even if it is offline! You can easily level up and strengthen your weapons.
* Daily Rewards: You will not miss the daily in-game rewards for protecting your country, all are waiting for you!