Jumping Caveman

Jumping Caveman

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Description of Jumping Caveman
Start the adventure of your life in this prehistoric jumping game where you have the chance to jump all over the stoned walls to get on top while you achieve the highest score on the board. This caveman is about to challenge your jumping abilities because you have to face a climbing on a walls race where your life depend on. Put your devotion on it and be focus no matter what sorrow comes in your way. All of these combine would bring you a guaranteed success if you follow the recipe and of course the highest score on the board. Once the race is on you don’t have to waste your lives because you have just four of them and on your way you’ll meet many more hazards if you don’t stay concentrate.

Your caveman is like a superhero and you’ll have to use all his possible power he might collect to reach the maximum score. There are some helps you’ll be able to get if you use your timing right to jump over them exactly when they appear in your way. Stars are for extra score, the traces are for some speed up,  the flower star is for bonus points and the other one is a shield to protect you from possible dangerous obstacles. Avoid the sharp stuff and stay away from troubles because there is a fire which shoots with fire balls in you trying to stop you from achieving your final destination. Use any trick you have and don’t waste your lives while you climb as far as possible. Get your points and mark that score to prove your worth as a professional climber and jumper.

This game present you many features like:
- Great graphics
- Free to play
- Motivational music
- Awesome prehistoric story
- Cool items and power ups
- Jumping challenge
- Difficulty increase with advance
- Perfect control of the game
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    Update Version: V5.30.25

    Last Update: 2020.02.03

    System version requirements: Android 5.0

    File size: 1.9GB


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