The Alliance of Oaths of Blood, the Gathering of the">
Under the castle
Under the castle
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Under the castle
Description of Under the castle
The army is overwhelmed, and it is urgent! Soldiers approach the city, right now!
"The enemy has been surrounded by our army...",
The Alliance of Blood Oaths, the City Gathering, a lasting battle, and a lonely breakthrough!
"Reinforcements are coming, our army can go out of the city."
The most critical national battle in history is officially launched!
This battle, our army is bound to win!

"Bing under the City" is a strategic mobile game based on the history of the Three Kingdoms. It is the first 24-hour non-stop national warfare system, allowing you to fight from Hebei to Jingzhou, from Taiwan to China! Mobile phones and computers are opened simultaneously, anytime, anywhere, open your road to national warfare.

•Game Features
【Cross-sea battle for hegemony and battle against the other bank】
l Chinese enemy soldiers are coming down the city and fighting for the country!
The time to counterattack the mainland has arrived! The game will start from time to time for a three-day "Cross-Sea Hegemony", with one-on-one elite tournaments. The situation is often inconvenient. You must make quick decisions before you can stand out in the world battlefield. Join now! Let us fight all the way from Taiwan to the other side!

[Full-time national warfare, stop the war by war]
l Ten thousand people will fight the national war on the screen, and our army is bound to win!
I usually work hard to level up and practice martial arts for this moment! Ten thousand people fought against the Pingguo and led the army from Hebei to Jingzhou! And not only the mobile version, you can also play on the computer. There are also occasional "cross-server competitions", allowing you to fight the full-servo, and then receive high rewards!

[The formation is unpredictable]
l Pass my military order! The whole army lined up on the spot, instead of attacking!
Hundreds of generals are waiting to be sent by the commander, and through different combinations of generals and arms, build your strongest team!

[Weapon Technology Controls the Battle]
Be the king to master the command, learn all kinds of scientific and technological knowledge, and use different functional weapons to organize every victory! Come and feel the refreshing, exciting and strategic gameplay!

[Daily Country Missions are refreshing and exciting]
Daily training is very important! Every day from 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning, from 15:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon, and from 8:00 to 12:00 in the evening, there are different national missions. By completing the missions, you can get extra prizes! Join other players in the same country to make a strategy for the world!